Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Super Powers of Toddlers

All toddlers have at least one super power. It is usually the POWER OF CUTE, that gets most of them, what they want, but my grandchildren have a few extra SUPER POWERS besides the POWER OF CUTE. The Princess for example, has the POWER OF SONIC SCREAM! This is a scream so loud, long and ear piercing that no ordinary human can with stand it. She also has been recently developing the POWER OF THE EXTENDED POUT! She hasn't been to pleased with the results from the extended pout, but she seems determined to work at this power until it is perfected.
The Prince on the other hand is just starting to work on his super powers. He seems to prefer the POWER OF PROLONGED NOISE! He will bang something or pound on something until the ordinary human has lost their minds. AND he is also developing the POWER OF PITIFUL FACE CRYING!
Screaming, crying, banging and lots of noise in general maybe one of the reasons why living in an extended family may not be for a lot of older folk. I know I used to love the peace and quiet of my clean empty house. I can't remember what those two things (peace and quit) were exactly, but I know I used to really enjoy it.
Our 1 year old Prince and two year old Princess are extremely noisy toddlers. Honestly, it doesn't bother me that much, but it drives the Hub crazy.The princess also has a knack for finding something to use her SONIC SCREAM about right when the Hub starts to speak. Then the Prince decides if it's time to make noise he will join in by banging stuff on the table and yelling using his POWER OF PROLONGED NOISE. Finally, when the stuff the Prince is banging is taken away from him he starts to cry the PITIFUL FACE CRY. At that point dear old Pop can't even remember what he was trying to say in the first place and thus finds yet another reason to go to WAL-MART, which he does at least once a day like clock work.

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