Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Anniversary Hub

Today is a special day for me and the Hub. It is our 31st wedding anniversary. People often ask how long I have been married and then say wow, what's your secret? So I'm going to share our secret with you.
Don't get married unless you are completely no-doubts-about-it in love with the person and you are positive that they feel the same way, because true love is the only reason to get married and to stay married. Marriage is hard, and it is supposed to be a life-time commitment. And if you are contemplating marriage you need to ask yourself some what if questions.
What if this person looses their job and I have to support them? What if we have financial troubles? What if this person becomes ill or is in an accident and I have to take care of them? What if one day they are fat, wrinkled and gray or (gasp)bald headed? What if they loose their teeth, their hearing, or their eye sight?
If you stay married long enough, eventually most of these what ifs will happen. That is what happens in this funny thing called life. When things are hard, you will ask yourselves do we still love each other and can we get through this? AND if you have a true love you will say of course we still love each other and we can get through this together. AND you will!
To my Hub, I was a young and silly 18 year old girl when you married me. Thank God you were 10 years older than I was and knew a lot about life. You have always taken good care of me and I have never doubted our love. As we get old together I will no doubt have to take good care of you, and I will. BECAUSE we have always had a TRUE LOVE!

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