Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Old Folks

Well, I'm busted CW found out about my blog. I just want to say if I go missing consider her as a prime suspect. All kidding aside, I love my daughter-in-law. She has grown up a lot in the past 4 years, she is a beautiful young woman and she has a good heart. And if she makes my son happy then that is all that has ever mattered, and he loves her dearly. I might also add that most women are crazy at least some of the time and few women would put up with their in-laws living in their garage. I saw a sad thing on TV the other day where a couple had to sell everything and live with their children due to sever health issues that had caused them to go bankrupt. They had worked their whole lives and put 4 kids through college. AND their children were complaining about having to have them live with them and the best they could all agree on was that every three months this poor couple would schlep their stuff to a different kid's house so no one had to take care of them for very long. It was very sad. In many cultures the oldest child is expected to take care of his/her aging parents. I don't think any other society outside the US puts as many of their elders into nursing homes. And many of our elderly spend many years of their lives stuck in some sort of home, not just a short time near the end of their lives. My son and daughter-in -law swear they will never put me in an old folks home. BUT if they do have to put me in a home it better have cable TV, high speed Internet, an in house massage therapist and descent food, or I promise to come back and haunt them after I die.

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