Sunday, May 9, 2010

It's Mother's Day and I need a Nap!

Here is a little bit of a down side to living in the same house as the grandchildren. At 3 AM the little Prince was screaming so loud that I got up to see what the problem was. His mom was trying to get him back to sleep, but he wouldn't settle down. As soon as he saw me he grabbed hold of me and wasn't letting go. So off to my bed I went with the 19 month old. He is teething and he has been very cranky. He rolled around in our bed clawing me with his scratchy little hamster nails for about an hour. Finally, I got back to sleep at about 4:30 AM. Then about 5:00 AM my bedroom door flies open and the Princess announces herself and tells me she has monsters and ghost in her room so she will be sleeping with us for the rest of the night. I gently and quietly tell her that her baby brother is already in our bed so perhaps mommy and daddy's bed might be a better option for her. She seriously says move him over and I brought Sponge Bob (a medium sized stuffed Sponge Bob doll) and he needs to sleep with us too. Well, I was able to make enough room for her to sleep on the outside edge, but Sponge Bob kept falling out of bed. And every time he fell out she would wake up and exclaim "Oh no, Sponge Bob fell out of bed, we have to get him". After about an hour of this silliness, she says I need breakfast.
Now I normally get up about 6:00 AM, but it is Sunday and Mother's Day so I really wanted to sleep until at least say, 7:00 AM. I ask her to please go back to sleep for awhile, but she's wasn't having it and then she told me that she was very hungry. I remembered at that point that she had not eaten very well at dinner time the evening before so guilt that she might actually be really super hungry gnawed at my brain until I said OK lets get up. As, I left my King sized bed I looked back and saw the Hub and the Prince spreading out to enjoy the space now available to them and I thought that must be nice. Now I wish I could say I wasn't sorry that I got up extra early with the Princess, but she quickly made me very sorry that I had gotten up with her. She didn't like the options we had for breakfast, then shoved the plate away and pouted. She then decided we should watch Blue's Clues. She didn't even eat! I felt Hoodwinked by a 2 year old that just wanted to get up early so she could watch TV and it irritated me. YES, it was my own fault, But sometimes Grandparents are SUCKERS!


  1. Sorry you didn't get to sleep in today. Neither did I for that matter. I puked all day Saturday and laid in bed so today I felt really yucky but hubby had a Mother's Day concert in Gville to play in so I got to stay home feeling crummy with 4 bored ungrateful children while he played classical, soothing music for other moms. Yeah, great day it was for me. Here's to work tomorrow!

  2. Loved your honesty.

    Cat lady