Tuesday, August 10, 2010


We had a sad thing happen in our family recently. Our 16 year old cat got cancer and when it got bad for her we had to have her put to sleep. She was my son's cat and he had her since he was about 10 years old. He was heart broken over the whole situation. He couldn't even bring himself to deal with it when the time came to put her down. So his dad and I took care of it. However, I thought how sad it is to leave with a cat in the pet carrier and then come home with it empty, so I brought home a kitten that the vet had rescued from under a dumpster. He was a pitiful tiny fellow that really needed a good home so I took him to our home were kids and cats rule. Now, some people think we should have taken more time to grieve over the loss of the old kitty, but we had been sad about her the whole time we watched the cancer take its toll on her and I felt it was time for a new kitty. When CW saw the new kitten she complained that she wanted a kitten too. CW had been wanting a kitten or a puppy for sometime now, but none of us believed she would take care of it. We asked her if she were to get a kitten, did she promise to take care of it and clean up after it and of course she said that she would. BIG SURPRISE! So we went to the local animal shelter and adopted another kitten. So now we have 2 new kittens. I really don't believe CW is going to clean the litter box twice daily as a matter of fact we have had the kittens for a few days now and she already can't seem to remember to clean it. Maybe I can teach the 3 year old Princess to do it for her. The Princess already keeps her room cleaner than her mom's. Who knows maybe the Princess is responsible enough to take care of a kitten.

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