Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Little Prince is Autistic

Alot has happened since last March. In April we found out my grandson is Autistic. Since I am a teacher I suspected this for awhile. Once the diagnosis was made I had no time to blog or do anything extra in my life. It was all about seeing what we could do to help our little guy. We first tried the glutten and dairy free diet. This really didn't seem to help much and after many months of the expense and bother we just now decided to drop it. We did hyperbaric treatments during the summer. It cost thousands of dollars. It did seem to help and he has made improvements every since. He is also on special natural supplements. NO DRUGS! After much hassel(due to waiting list and insurance issues) he also gets OT, PT and Speach Therapy 3 times a week. Even when you suspect something isn't normal with your child or grandchild it still knocks the wind out of your sails when you have to confront it head on. Now for the up side of matters. Our little boy is so loving and sweet and extremly good natured, and it turns out he is also very smart. So we've decided to feel blessed by are boy, he is special and not in a bad way!

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